Therapeutic Approach


Therapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families

  • Individual Therapy
  • Grief Conseling
  • Couples Therapy
  • Training & Consultatios
  • Group Therapy
  • Mindful Eating
  • Family Therapy
  • Biblio/Poetry Therapy

We see ourselves as therapists who will be in your corner and willing to support you in every way. When working with you, we’ll ask questions that are intended to help you identify the changes you wish to make in your life. In answering our questions you’ll examine your life and discover the incongruences that lie at the root of your pain and suffering into, or that keep you stuck in uncomfortable relationships or situations. One of our goals is to help you see how avoiding the confrontation of painful emotions more often than not leads to more pain. With our guidance and your insight, you’ll be able to accept situations for what they are and commit to change the behaviors and ways of thinking that lead to emotional pain.

Life is full of paradoxes and openness to them will help us live meaningful lives. Similarly, our language is full of self-made traps and a close examination of them, will be our portal to self-understanding and freedom.

We use the principles and interventions of Acceptance and Mindfulness approaches to help you stay in the present moment, accept yourself and others, defuse and decipher problematic thinking to get to a sense of self that is willing and able to live a values-based life where you find yourself committed to action and change. Our own commitment to action is in offering you a partnership that is grounded in compassion and delivered with warmth and kindness.

Our main goal is to listen deeply to you, understand your dilemmas and help you create and achieve meaningful goals that are congruent with your personal values.  Our experience with language will help us explore how it functions at times to keep us stuck in painful psychological rigidity. At the end of treatment you’ll discover yourself to be more emotionally flexible and therefore freer to be your own wonderful self!

Working with Couples

We help couples to stay in the present while dealing with their painful emotions derived from past experiences. We create an atmosphere that empowers them to be proactive.

We help couples critically examine strategies that have not worked in the past and identify ways to avoid repeating them.

We help couples to examine their thoughts and emotions without masking them with the veil of happiness or an apparently confortable view of their situation. This examination will lead to fruitful conversations.

Couples will be able to establish control over their situation as they learn alternative strategies.

Couples will get in touch with an observant self the one that watches and experiences yet is distinct from one’s inner experiences.

Couples will be able to identify motivating values and establish new ways to live a life that is congruent with those values. In doing so couples will be helped to find opportunities for practicing new and empowering behaviors.

We use playful and creative interventions to help them work at their rough spots.

Working with Adolescents

We work with adolescents who are interested in overcoming feelings of embarrassment, fear, self-criticism and self-doubt and show them how they can be different and live more freely and confidently.

We help them build important and useful skills for coping with the upheavals of growing into full mature individuals who are capable of handling tough emotions with elegance and dignity.

We use Mindfulness as a vehicle to get adolescents to feel in better control of their emotional world and their interactions with others.  They learn to problem-solve without constantly crossing their parents and to be kinder to themselves and others.

Clinical Consultation & Trainings

We offer varieties of training and brief presentations to mental health organizations. If you contact us we can arrange for a free preliminary consultation to assess needs and plan appropriate services. We have had the privilege of helping organizations bring their mental health staff to a higher level of functioning and competency. The outcome and benefits of this training and consultation is the enhancement of conflict resolution skills among staff and their motivation and commitment to the work they do.